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Medical Weight Loss

Personalized for Success

Are you frustrated with battling excess weight? Feeling you will never lose it?  Are you frustrated with losing a few pounds, strong early progress, just to gain back every pound and more?

Fountain of Youth offers a physician and practitioner guided and monitored Rapid Medical Weight Loss Program which includes consultations to develop a personalized weight loss plan with a BMI assessment, weight loss injections, diet and meal planning and post-program patient support, all designed to help you achieve realistic and attainable goals.

The key elements of this program include

> B Complex Shot

> Energy-boosting vitamin injections

> Eat Regular Food

> Reset your metabolism

> Lose fat, not muscle

This is a physician and practitioner developed and supervised program.  We are with you every pound of the way to your weight goals… call 251.525.8446 to get started now.

RWL Program Summary

Rapid Weight Loss Video


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