The words “chemical peel” can sound scary, quite frankly. It draws to mind images of sinister scientific experiments. But when done by experts in a healthy way, a chemical peel can result in a newer and better version of you that will feel rejuvenated and fresh. Here is everything you need to know about
Benefits of a Personalized Weight Loss Program
Trying to shed pounds and not seeing results can be very disheartening. When you try to lose body mass on your own, unguided by experienced medical weight loss professionals can be a difficult process due to a lack of proper planning. In order to lose weight in a healthy manner, you will need to follow
What Does Juvederm do for You?
Juvederm has become one of the most popular facial enhancement products on the market today. Fountain of Youth proudly uses Juvederm to help our clients revitalize their facial skin features while using a product that has produced amazing results in clinical trials and is also proven to be safe and effective for all men and
Fountain of Youth
Meet the Fountain of Youth Stop by and introduce yourself. Meet the crew and discover what Fountain of Youth can do for you.  Start a rapid weight loss program. Revitalize your natural youthful appearance. Re-energize with IV Hydration therapy. Remove that unwanted hair with Laser Hair Removal. Join us Monday through Friday for Fountain Yoga
Weight Loss
Weight Loss Lose 20 Pounds in 30 days…. yes you can! The Fountain of Youth medically designed and supervised weight loss program , changes the way you approach losing weight with, Fat-burning injections Energy boosting vitamin injections Consume healthy food Reset your metabolism Lose fat, not muscle Our medically prescribed and supervised Rapid Weight Loss program is
IV Hydration
Drinking fluids and consuming vitamins are important to wellness, but only approximately 50% of the nutrients contained in them are absorbed.  IV Hydration therapy administration of fluids and nutrients infuses your body and results in 100% absorption, leading to faster and longer lasting results. The Fountain of Youth medical weight loss clinic offers IV Therapies for
Meet Your Yoga Instructor
Ivy has more than 13 years of Yoga experience, and she is an advanced Yoga Alliance and Pilates Certified Instructor. With more than 5 years in the high-tech industry, Ivy truly understands the effect of long hours in front of a computer, physical and mental job stress and the effects that food choices and eating
Basic Yoga
Set the tone for your day with this gentle, life balancing practice. The class aims to strengthen, balance and rejuvenate the body through gentle and restorative movement, bringing a sense of calm to the nervous system. By creating balance in the body the mind will learn to follow. This class comprises a combination of postures
Dynamic Yoga
This class is designed to build strength and flexibility as well as improve endurance and posture. We focus on warming up the body to build heat and confidence in the poses while learning how to blend in the breath for fluid movements. Then we take time to explore arm balances and inversions in an approachable