Yoga Class Descriptions

Basic Yoga

Set the tone for your day with this gentle, life balancing practice.

The class aims to strengthen, balance and rejuvenate the body through gentle and restorative movement, bringing a sense of calm to the nervous system. By creating balance in the body the mind will learn to follow.

This class comprises a combination of postures coordinated with the breath, simple breathing techniques and a short guided meditation.

The class is for all all levels of experience and flexibility.

Vinyasa Slow Yoga

This class involves intelligent sequencing with a focus on alignment as you flow through each movement along the smoothness of your breath. While this class will be fun and encouraging, it will also build strength and flexibility.

Students will gain a greater understanding of the postures and leave the class feeling energized, empowered, grounded and relaxed.

This is a strong practice, but is suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga

This class introduces 3 different levels of stretching.

In this delightful and relaxing class, a gentler form of flowing movement that energizes the body, sooth tired muscles and releases tight areas.

This soulful practice is a great way to awaken and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Hatha Yoga

This is an all levels class that is designed to promote self-mastery of the body, mind and spirit.

The class begins with a short discussion on the specific muscles and joints that will be focused in that class, followed by a long and juicy yoga tune up ball roll out. We move onto joint mobilization and fluid movements to create healthier joints and work towards a greater mind-body connection.

The class ends with longer holding stretches, guided relaxation and pranayama

Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is slower and stronger.  While this is not a gentle vinyasa, it is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

The heart of this class is a deep, slow-flowing Vinyasa practice. We focus on using our breath to guide us as move through Asanas. By timing our breath with the movement, moving at the rate of each inhalation and exhalation, we connect the mind to the body and the body to the breath. The slower pace allows you to remain mindful of your movements, and to truly explore your body from the inside out.

As we take time with each posture, we remember those sweet spots, and those tiny variations we found while hanging out in a pose.

You will leave this class feeling replenished, awake and renewed.

Healing Yin Yoga

Experience a yoga class like you have never before. Lit by candlelight, it flows a deep long stretch, energizes like Power Yoga and soothes your soul like Restorative.

This beautiful class gives you the ability to really look inward as you move from pose to pose in soft environment. Through this process, you’ll find the mental clarity and focus to achieve more than you ever imagined!

It’s an all levels class that will let beginners build an accessible flow practice while providing experienced yoga practitioners with a chance to play their edge and challenge themselves.

It will tone your body, mind and spirit, and you’ll leave glistening in more ways than one.

Dynamic Yoga

This class is designed to build strength and flexibility as well as improve endurance and posture. We focus on warming up the body to build heat and confidence in the poses while learning how to blend in the breath for fluid movements. Then we take time to explore arm balances and inversions in an approachable way where you feel grounded, empowered and strong as you lift off the ground.

We finish with closing postures that will allow relaxation of the body and mind.

Dynamic Yoga Builds confidence, reduces stress and enhances overall well being, and it is adaptable to your personal level of practice, so this class is appropriate for all levels.

Vinyasa Power Yoga

Vinyasa Power Yoga is a flow practice integrating traditional sun salutations with strengthening warrior postures. Because kinesthetic memory builds only through consistency of practice, repetition of movement is used to deeply open into the undernourished pockets of tension within the body and cultivate a sense of ease and stability.

This yoga practice is an excellent introduction to the profound benefits of breath linked movement. The flow sequence is always sealed by long held restorative Asana.