What To Expect From Your First EMsculpt Appointment

What To Expect From Your First EMsculpt Appointment

Are you ready to have a toned stomach and uplifted buttocks? Well, now is your chance! Our noninvasive procedure is the world’s first fat-burning and muscle building device. With the EMsculpt treatment, high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology adopts to create the muscle contractions and toned look you are going for. No surgery or side effects, just good-looking results in as little as two weeks!

Begin with a consultation

It’s important that we discuss what your body goals are and the cost of treatment plans. We care about your procedure and want you to know how the device works involuntarily through helping build the gluten muscles or breaking down stubborn fat. We also explain to you that for best results we suggest four sessions over the course of two weeks. Like any procedure, to support the contoured look, a healthy and active lifestyle is highly advised. After your consultation, you are ready for treatment.

Your session will be thirty minutes short

Along with all your other follow-up appointments because that’s how fast and effective our device works. The device is then attached to your choice of your abdominal or buttock and begins working immediately. The energy from the device will begin a safe pulse-like contraction motion which will work the muscles as if you were to naturally exercise 20,000 sit-ups or squats. So, lay back, relax and let the device do all the work for you.

Mild soreness may occur after treatment

As mentioned, this procedure is FDA approved and safe. It also has no side effects and is pain- free. Just like an intense workout, this intense treatment may feel like you hit the gym hard, therefore, it might include mild soreness. This is completely normal, but the toning of the results has been seen in as fast as two days after the treatment. The clinically proven procedure shows a significant amount of reduction of fat and an increase in muscle mass from healthy patients or patients with a lower BMI.

No recovery time needed

It simply can’t get any easier. Once you have completed your thirty-minute treatment you are good to go. There is no post-treatment preparation or recovery time needed-ever! Just make sure you show up to your next follow-up treatment to continue this easy process and see results faster (preferably within two weeks). Begin your confidence level now and get started on your journey.


Schedule your consultation today at Fountain of Youth and begin your first EMsculpt appointment by calling 251-525-8446 or visiting foywellness.com. Our office is conveniently located near the Eastern Shore of Spanish Fort, AL. All visitors are welcome!

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