Is hCG Weight Loss Right for You?

Is hCG Weight Loss Right for You?

While the FDA recommends a 2,000-calorie food intake, have you ever considered a 500 calorie intake instead? They say that your body becomes accustomed to eating less, therefore, you will lose weight faster. So now you might be thinking, what is hCG exactly? It is otherwise known as the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. If you are struggling to lose weight, consider this Clean Start Weight Loss plan from Fountain of Youth along with the hCG injection and read if its right for you!

Eat the foods you like

Being on a diet is not fun especially if you’re restricted from eating the foods you enjoy such as bread and fruits. Although you are only eating twice a day with the hCG diet (lunch and dinner), you can eat one of each protein, vegetable, bread and fruit. There are specifics categories with what types of foods included in the diet, but they are still more open options than other diets. Best of all, your caffeine such as coffee or tea won’t be eliminated. This diet surprisingly includes a mixture of most of the foods included in the food pyramid.

hCG will be your natural nutrient

The hCG hormone produced by the human placenta is found in the urine and then given as a shot. This hormone injection combined with the 500-calorie diet will have you wondering if you will receive all your proper nutrients for your body. The answer is yes. The placenta is full of vitamins and nutrients that help prepare and keep a fetus in the womb alive and healthy. Without the placenta, the fetus would not be able to absorb what the female consumes. The placenta is so rich in nutrients in fact, that women also take it in form of pills. The hCG will act as the extra natural nutrient along with the diet.

Tried every diet except for hCG?

hCG is known for its approval from the FDA for use of female infertility or hormone treatment in men. It can also be used for people who struggle to lose weight by eating a low-calorie diet. With so many new diets trending, it’s hard to pinpoint which will work since everyone’s anatomy is different. If you’ve tried every diet except for hCG, you might want to consider it is that it is natural and proven to help lose weight fast since your metabolism will fuel and feel fuller faster.

Make the next step to lose that stubborn weight and begin the hCG diet along with the real hCG hormone procedure injection done professionally by our medical staff. At Fountain of Youth, we specialize in weight loss and wellness to help with your health goals. Call us today (251) 525-8446 for a free consultation or visit our website at to check out other services and specials.

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