3 Things You Won’t Regret Adding to Your Wedding Checklist

3 Things You Won’t Regret Adding to Your Wedding Checklist

There are some things modern brides are quick to erase off their wedding to-do list. No bride and groom want to be left with 137 mason jars filled with a build your own s’mores kit. What is the purpose of that little piece of tissue paper that comes in the invitations, again? Some traditions are better left in the past, while one tradition will stand strong until the end of time: all brides should feel their absolute best on their wedding day! Fountain of Youth Wellness has exactly what you need to ensure you feel like a true bride on your big day.

Chemical Peel

This process is absolutely perfect for clearing dark spots, acne scars or Rosacea. It is important to begin the beauty prep for your big day with a chemical peel because having had other procedures prior (such as Botox, a facial or laser hair removal) can affect the results. FOY Wellness will tailor your procedure specifically to your skin and recommends scheduling your chemical peel appointment for no sooner than four weeks before the wedding day. Don’t worry, they provide aftercare, as well, including a cooling cream to help alleviate any residual sting. If you have ever successfully survived a sunburn, you can power through a chemical peel! Unleash the healthy glow!

Jane Iredale Makeup

You have now breezed through your chemical peel. You’re such a champ! Now, what about the day of beauty? FOY recommends jane iredale’s skincare line. These products are completely talc, phthalate, paraben and fragrance-free, as well as 100% cruelty-free and only use non-GMO ingredients. How clean can skin care get? These products are perfect for brides that want to feel glamorous as well as natural. Did we mention that all of jane iredale’s products not only look great on your skin but also are good for your skin? Come see for yourself!

IV Hydration

IV Hydration provides a variety of benefits. This process allows us to provide your body with much-needed vitamins and minerals you wouldn’t normally be receiving. And because they are administered through an IV, your body will absorb almost 100% of the nutrients, yielding more instant and long-term results. We haven’t even told you the best part. You can now schedule IV Hydration parties! Now you and your entourage can come in the week before the wedding day for our Fountain of Youth treatment to ensure you have glowing, hydrated skin and shiny hair for the big day. Or maybe our Rescue treatment is more your speed. Just throw your hair up in a messy bun, put on your shades and grab your new husband to come and get this hangover remedy with you! Head off to your honeymoon feeling your best.

No matter what kind of bride you identify with being, you deserve to feel the very best on your wedding day. Even though planning can be overwhelming, don’t forget to make yourself care a top priority. Goodbye, party favors. Goodbye, tiny pieces of tissue paper. Goodbye, random cousin with whom you weren’t quite close enough to make a bridesmaid. Hello, gorgeous!

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