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At Fountain Fitness, instruction and practice informs and assists while each student explores and advances their personal practice. The Fountain Fitness Studio philosophy focuses on a thoughtful and intelligent application of the principles.  Training is authentic, focused on balance, flexibility and strength development, and always tuned to individual experience and learning.

Certifications:  Yoga Alliance – Advanced Yoga – Advanced Pilates – Certified Group Instructor American Red Cross CPR and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

Fountain Yoga and Pilates Classes

Classes range from restorative Deep Release to Sweaty Power Yoga. Join us and ‘Light the Yoga and Pilates Lifestyle’ in Spanish Fort, the Eastern Shore and Mobile communities, and the broader metropolitan area.  Join Us… Feel the Energy Flow, and bring a friend!

Yoga Practices

Yoga Classes for Basic, Vinyasa Slow, Restorative, Hatha, Flow, Healing Yin, Dynamic, and Vinyasa Power Yoga practices are available. For a description of each… click the link that interests you, or clicks here to learn more about all of them.

Fountain Yoga Studio

Fountain Yoga is a welcoming, non-judgmental Studio, where new yogis are nurtured and experienced students are challenged. We believe in Yoga practice, not Yoga perfect! Enjoy a transformative experience in every session at Fountain Yoga and Pilates studio. Expect to be challenged!  Have some fun, explore, learn and grow your personal practice.  Feel personally rewarded and restored.

Group or Private Settings

Join us for any scheduled class. Fountain Yoga also provides small group settings, for those individuals hesitant to join large class settings. Do you prefer private sessions?  Training plans can be tailored for individual clients, with specific attention given to personal goal achievement.


Fitness and Yoga Classes Offered


Are you an experienced yogi looking to brush up on your movement, or a beginner looking to dive into the practice of yoga? If so, this class is perfect for you. We’ll move through basic postures, cue extra alignment details to ensure you are doing each posture to its full advantage. This class will leave you feeling strong, stretched and refreshed.


If you’re interested in powerful movement, such as chaturangas or downward facing dog, but want the pace of a slower class, this mediative class is right for you. We will move through a flow sequence in a slower pace focusing on breath and conclude with our savasana and meditation to slow your body and mind.


This high energy dance class is a great complement to yoga. Burn off extra energy, calories and leave feeling refreshed after sweating it out to your favorite tunes, building strength and laughing with new friends. Bring a towel and a water, as well as an open mind!


Pilates is a core based method that utilizes the strength of the abdominals through almost each of its postures. The combination of strength from Pilates and stretch from your yoga practice will achieve long, lean muscles and a calm spirit.


If your body is feeling tight, rigid and in need of elongation – stretch yoga is just the fix. In this class, we’ll warm up the body then move in a way that allows the body to stretch tight areas and loosen up your overall physic. This class is a great complement to an active lifestyle.


Hatha yoga is the basic foundation of most yoga postures – we’ll combine breath and movement to bring mobility to your body and focus in your mind. This class is appropriate for all levels with modifications for beginners, or injuries and the ability to take postures in more advanced versions for added elements of challenge.


Restorative Yoga allows the body to reset, especially the nervous system. We’ll hold postures for more than one minute at a time, allowing your body to gradually open up at it’s own pace. If you feel the pressure of stress in your day to day life, give your body the gift of this time out.


This class is for those ready to move and groove- we’ll move in a powerful flow focusing on breath and movement. This dynamic class is a great class to take your practice to the next level with advanced movements – you are sure to break a sweat. We end our powerful flow with savasana and meditation to bring your mind and body into the present moment.


Yin yoga is the opposite of most movement classes, we find stillness in postures and hold for up to seven minutes. This allows your connective tissues, or fascia, to open up and soften. Yin Yoga is extremely meditative and allows your mind a chance to reset as you give your body the opportunity to find its way back into balance.


A balance of powerful poses, balancing poses and opening the body through stretches – dynamic yoga combines all elements of the Hatha Yoga practice to open up tight areas and challenge your body in new ways. This is suitable for all levels and great for adapting beginners into more advanced practices.


In Mobility Yoga, we’ll use movement to bring back the spring in your step. Gentle yoga combinations with stretching will bring your body back into alignment and help ease any achy areas, or sore areas of the body.


In this class, get lost in the movement, or music and find the flow of your own body. We’ll move through a vinyasa style class with repetitive movements that help the mind find its state of flow. You’ll feel energized and ready to take on the day after this powerful, yet relaxing class.


Combine the strength that comes from core movements of Pilates, with the toning movements of Barre – and you’ve got an award winning combination! Join us to challenge your core strength, learn new moves and tighten and tone your legs and glutes, as well as burn calories.

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